One of the major problems facing the vestibular industry is their severe lack of education and marketing prowess. Of the nearly 70 million national (and over a billion international) people who experience chronic dizziness, as few as 10% of them are seeking and getting proper treatment.

We recognized this underlying opportunity to educate this population in a big way, by packaging a conference into an emerging trend – virtual events. Our response was Vertigo Day.

Vertigo Day was a one-day virtual event that coordinated presentations from vestibular specialists across 4 continents with over 6 hours of educational and inspirational content. It was a global effort to reach dizzy patients that weren’t aware of their condition and needed resources to get help.

Vertigo Day generated more than 3,500 quality dizzy patient leads for the Dizzy & Vertigo Institute of Los Angeles, with average concurrent viewership at around 250 people for more than 6 hours. The following day they rebooked Vertigo Day for 2021.